Added pictures in the activities section of Price elementary school first graders, Who participated in a "spiders are cool" interactive facts/question and answer. Eager to ask questions and learn about spiders, they were also super excited. Thanks everyone. Good job!


Added pictures in the activities section of Camp Shantituk Girl scouts, who participated in a "spiders are cool"  interactive facts, and spider hike! Everybody was excited, and had a lot of fun. Thanks guys!


Added the link, NEWLY ADDED, to showcase the most recent pictures added. There are many more to come, as new (to the site) species are found, and new images are constantly being taken.


One of  the images from Spiders are cool is featured in the June 2012 issue of PURE UNCUT CANDY, Louisville's all inclusive art browser magazine.


Exterior anatomy pictures added to the anatomy link. Interior anatomy, facial Anatomy, and eye arrangements coming soon.


Spiders are cool is now up and running. All current images are up and ready to view. Most include Species identification, and date/location info. Groups with larger numbers of species, E.g., jumping spiders, orb weavers, wolf spiders, crab spiders, are a little slow going, but will also be available. Facts about spider groups will also slowly be added for optimal information. The educational links at the top of the site are  incomplete, and are also on the way!